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Do you have some of those recipes that don’t leave indiferent anyone around your table? 

Share them with us, in Sol y Pimiento we are always looking forward to cooking new mouth-watering recipes precisely like yours! Don’t worry if you find a simmilar recipe already published, all recipes are unique, this would be yours and who knows, it may be even more delicious!

It was a pleasure to have you around %username%, we hope to see you back soon!

IMPORTANT: NO RECIPE WILL BE ACCEPTED WITHOUT THE PICTURE OF THE FINAL RESULT THAT IT DESERVES! It doesn’t need to be brilliant, but it should be good enough to make your recipe appealing to the eye. You are your own critic, think if you would eat it based on that picture Advice: get next to a good source of light such a window or a lamp and shoot the best out of your recipe!