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Chicken stock

Elaboration: Chicken stock

A chicken stock is one of these staples to keep always on hand in the kitchen. It is used as a basis in an endless list of different elaborations such as soups, creams, stews, sauces, rices... you name them. Make your recipes stand out and prepare your own chicken stock at home. It is a snap and the taste just plays in a different league than the stock cubes or prepared stock that you can get from the supermarket. All you need is some chicken bones and carcasses, a few vegetables and to leave it simmering for a couple of hours. It is a good idea to make stock in big quantities that you can store in the freezer, ready to be used when required.

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A vichyssoise is a popular thick cream, very smooth in texture, rich flavour and best served cold. It is made of leek, onion, potato, chicken stock and cream, products that do not have much colour contribution, providing the vichyssoise with its characteristic white colour.

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French onion soup gratinee

French Onion Soup Gratinee

A steamy French onion soup finished with bread croutons covered in gratinated cheese is simply an irresistible dish to eat. Historically a humble soup, it is a real classic among classics for the French.

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Andalusian style Gazpacho

There are few things as refreshing in summer as an ice-cream, but definitely one of them is a good bowl of chilled Gazpacho, a cold soup typical from the south of Spain that helps coping with the sometimes unbearable Spanish summer heat.

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